The Conference Center Pipe Organ

The Tabernacle Pipe Organ

The spire atop the Conference Center (Which doubles as the largest concert hall in the world)

The Salt Lake City Temple (taken from the 26th floor of the Church Offices Building) This temple was completed in 1893.

Mount Timpanogos Temple in Provo, Utah. This temple was built in 1996.

The best private tour guide available (well available to one person that is)

Some Outdoor Sites from Around the Trip

  (behind Mount Timpanogos Temple)

  (Bridal Veil)

  (the view of SLC Temple from over the fields on the Conference Center)

  (Utah state capitol)

  (Bringham Young welcoming you to Temple Square) 

  (one of the many chapels around SLC)

(Alisa with some of her friends from BYU  above and below)